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A Few Good Paws

Does your pup get anxious going to the groomer? Do you
hate leaving them there all day?

Here is your solution:       Your pet is groomed by me every
time, so that the two of us will get comfortable with one
another  One on one time is very important for them.  Taking
special care and patience with your pet is important, so it  
can get the best experience possible. If anxiety issues are
present, it may take several visits before we see any real
change in behavior.  Eventually your pet will calm down and
tolerate grooming a lot easier.

Remember : Being groomed regularly not only keeps your
dog looking, smelling, and feeling great, but also helps me
build a trusting relationship with your pet.  From shampoos,
hair cuts and flea treatments—to styling, pedicures, skin
care and moisturizing treatments, your pampered pet will
end up looking and feeling great.  Your dog will be groomed
in my mobile unit. I am dedicated to making your furry kid
feel like family and to provide the best experience possible.  
Grooming a limited number of pets a day, ensures that each
pet receives top quality, personalized service. Most pets are
done and ready to nap in no time.